Back to School Blessing

We are in the thick of the back to school season, a time of change and turmoil and, in my house at least, heightened emotions. This blessing is for parents, some balm for your soul as you walk with your children through this threshold time. 

A Back to School Blessing for Parents

back to school.png

As you meet the teachers, 
Walk the halls, 
Buy the supplies and pack the bags.
As you talk over the change in your routines, and
See your children’s eyes fill with tears or
Excitement or boredom or fear.
As you watch your children closely, 
To see how they’re doing, really doing, 
With this transition, 
May you take the time to check in
With how you’re really doing, too. 
May you be gentle with your own soul. 

May the energy and excitement
Of new routines, new friends, 
New teachers, new subjects
Breathe a spirit of newness in you, as well. 
This threshold time is not just for those in school.
May the Holy Spirit speak to you of
Change and anticipation and invitation,
And as she whispers to you
May your heart open in response.

May you know your children’s belovedness as you send them forth.
May you know your own belovedness as you send them. 
May it all be love, in the going and in the returning.
May it all be love.