This Life That Is Ours Cover Reveal & Pre-Order

I am so delighted to share the cover of my book with you! I had dreamt of what the cover might look like, hoping that it would hold some of the awe and wonder with which the book was written. Alongside that hope was fear that the cover would be cheesy - too Christian-y, too Mom-y, lacking subtlety and hitting you over the head with overt symbolism. I was afraid the cover would turn people off instead of invite people in.


I was beside myself with joy when the publisher shared this cover option with me in June. I think it is simple, subtle, inviting, and intriguing. The overlay of the white on top of the painting draws you in. It’s a cover that I want to sit with and wonder about. I think they’ve beautifully captured the spirit of the book. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

The book still won’t be released until April 1st, but if you share my excitement, it is now available for pre-order at Upper Room’s online store. AND if you order before April 1st and use the promo code PRESALE30 you’ll receive 30% off. (You can also pre-order from Amazon, or Barnes & Noble, but I don’t have a discount code for them.) Isn’t that amazing?? This is all seeming so real! Every step along the way feels like another dream come true, and I am so, so grateful.

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Although that joy I’m feeling and inviting you to share with me is real, it’s also muted by sorrow. A very dear friend of mine passed away unexpectedly a week and a half ago. Tim Becker, his wife Caroline, and their son Luke were living with us when Declan came home from the hospital. Tim and Caroline taught us how to be parents. Tim experienced parenting his three children as a profound spiritual practice, and I am devastated that they will now grow up without their father. I am heartbroken for Caroline. And I just miss my friend. If you’d like to read more about Tim’s life, you can do so here. I also encourage you to give financially if you are able - even $5 makes a difference - and to join me in holding Caroline, Luke, Samuel, and Hosanna in your prayers.

Tim’s life drew me closer to the Lord in so many ways. Today, I am praying for you, that you may have companions on your spiritual journey. I am praying for the relationships that draw you deeper into your life of faith: may they be strengthened, may they be encouraging, may they be sources of love and joy.

Thank you for joining me, in both the celebrating and the grieving.