A Blessing For One Who Walks With

I wrote this blessing for my spiritual community, when we were in a season of many people experiencing hard things. We were walking with each other through the pain and the fear, collectively and individually, and I wanted to bless our path. This prayer is for you, as you journey with others. May your path be blessed.

A Blessing For One Who Walks With

As you journey beside a hurting a heart,

And feel your own heart breaking with and for,

May you know love.

May you feel God’s love for you,

Wrapping around and within,

And then may you feel it flowing out,

And towards, and over.


May you be both a vessel and a river,

Holding love and pouring out love,

Holding mercy and pouring out mercy.


And may you rest when it is time to rest.

May you remember that all the work is not yours to do.


May you know Christ in the companioning,

Christ in the resting,

Christ in the tears,

Christ in the joy.