Fatherhood As Spiritual Practice

Fatherhood As Spiritual Practice.jpg

How can we move from seeing our children as "in the way" of our spiritual practices, and instead see them as the way itself? Gavriel Strauss shares from his own experience as a father of two, and provides simple, practical ways to open up to the spiritual potential of fatherhood.

Gavriel is the founder of Evolving Judaism and Path of Tikkün, two organizations committed to the development of universal Jewish spiritual practice as a means of personal and collective transformation. Gavriel is also a Spiritual Counselor and Transformation Coach who supports people in healing the barriers to accessing and actualizing a more whole, healed and integrated life.

I was fascinated by our conversation. Gavriel and I connected several years ago, just months before his first child was born. I was curious to explore with him themes that I’ve pondered so deeply from a female, Christian perspective. There is much overlap in our experience, and I also learned a lot from Gavriel and the way he frames parenting as a healing process.

Whether you are a father yourself, or want to understand the fathers in your life better, I hope you will find our conversation enlightening.