Permaculture As Spiritual Practice

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“When you’re in better relationship with with people, with food, and with earth, you are naturally in better relationship with God,” says John Creasy. John is both co-pastor of an urban church, and executive director of a permaculture farm in the middle of Pittsburgh. He shares with us about the principles of permaculture, and how this practice of caring for the earth can provide connection points to the holy. He offers medicine for our weary souls that don’t know how to handle the onslaught of news about climate change.

Whether you have your own permaculture plot in your yard, or you’ve never heard of permaculture before, there is something here for you.


Dreaming As Spiritual Practice

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I am joined this week by Dr. Kristen Hobby to explore dreaming as a spiritual practice. Kristen is an Australian spiritual director currently based in Singapore. She holds a PhD in early childhood spirituality, and her book, Nurturing A Gentle Heart, provides parents with resources and wisdom for caring for the hearts of their young children. She is also the former chair of Spiritual Directors International’s Coordinating Council.

While Kristen is fantastically accomplished, she is also grounded, engaging, and wise. We have a conversation that is full of joy and laughter as she shares about how paying attention to her dreams became a significant spiritual practice in her own life, and then she practices on me, teaching me how to treat my dreams both more seriously and more playfully. I hope her gentle, pragmatic approach equips you, as well, on your spiritual journey.


Beauty As Spiritual Practice

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In our first “regular” episode, I am joined by Rita G. Patel for a conversation about beauty as a spiritual practice. Rita is an artist, pattern designer, and creativity consultant. She is the founder of Experiments in Beautiful Thinking, an approach that guides people and organizations from appreciation of beauty to incorporating into the ways they solve problems and engage the world.

In our conversation, Rita shares with us her personal experience with beauty, why it became such a significant part of her life, and how we can engage this practice more deeply ourselves. I hope you’ll be as inspired by our conversation as I am!


Listening As Spiritual Practice

Welcome to our inaugural episode! My dear friend, Yael Allen, leads me in a discussion of listening as spiritual practice. Yael is one of the best listeners I know, and I was grateful for the way she gently led me through vulnerable spaces.

I hope our conversation will help you get to know me, and maybe inspire you to explore how you can integrate deep listening into your own life.